Get flickr images in their full size easily

I get really frustrated when I go to some flickr photos and pages and see that the uploader has disabled downloading of their photos. While I find it lame because there is still a way of downloading them, even when they don’t allow it, it’s just some more steps that need to be taken and this wastes my valuable time!

Fortunately for us, HTML and javascript cannot stay hidden for very long time when someone starts looking at the page’s source. Yet someone else has the knowledge to go a step further and provide us a work-around. This work-around has a name… and this is greasemonkey!

So what is greasemonkey? Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to HTML web page content on the DOMContentLoaded event, which happens immediately after it is loaded in the browser (also known as augmented browsing). While initially targeted at Firefox browsers, greasemonkey scripts can run on other browsers, too, like Opera and Chrome. In this case I will examine installing the flickr greasemonkey script on Opera, my default browser:

1) Go the script’s page and click the link install (for Firefox/Greasemonkey/Scriptish users) or right click and save link as (for Opera users). Alternativelly right click this direct link and save it as flickr.user.js to the folder of your liking ie ~/greasemonkey/ (for Linux users) or My Documents\greasemonkey\ (for Windows users).

2) Go to opera:config#UserPrefs|UserJavaScriptFile and in the highlighted box type the path of the directory of the saved script. Alternativelly go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> Javascript Options -> User Javascript Folder and click choose to navigate to the folder you saved the scripts.

That’s it! Reload the page now. You should see something like this:

This script is awesome! Not only it bypasses pages and several clicks when all you want is to get to the point, it also saves you valuable bandwidth and time!

Consider this a supplement to my previous post for flickr images and the original pages.


P.S. The last screen is actually borrowed from the script’s page. Normally I am not allowed to save it, because they disabled downloading. Yet as I said there is always a way to download the content, its just these further steps I mentioned.

Flickr photos and the original pages

The trick bellow is most likely already known to many flickr and in general internet users, but I like to include it on my blog for the surfing purposes.

Lets assume you found a random blog or website with images hotlinked from flickr. How lame it is not to provide a direct link to their flickr album, make things easier and simultaneously save bandwidth and time?

Go to the blog of your interest, right click an image and select Open Image. Example photo url:

The 5024043804 is the image’s “global” id and it is unique to every photo. Now all you have to do is keep on a note this id and then append it to this url:

Your url should turn into this upon appending the id:

Doing the above and you will end up on this page:

From this point on you can access the user’s other images and photostream. However this does not apply to private albums. Flickr is quite secure hosting service now and they have pretty much closed their security holes of the past.