For the wiki maniacs!

One thing’s for sure… Web 2.0 has the wiki concept bonded in its own roots! Whatever you want to know, learn and even untwist yourself from the puzzles that stick in your life these are the places to start from.

And you can even find funny, specialized and dedicated ones to many purposes and subjects.

1) Ahhhh the great, the mother of many wikis. You can even create your own wiki there. Some examples are the following:

a. Dragonball wiki. Link:

Dragonball info, characters, trivia… you name it! All the fans now have a place to get information for their beloved dragonball serries.

b. Metal Gear wiki. Link:

Metal Gear fans now know everything about their much loved Metal Gear serries. Storyline, characters, games… much information.

c. Frikipedia. Link:

The anti-encyclopedia! The encyclopedia in its humurous and sarcastic version, in greek. Definitely recommended. English version here.

d. Lyrics wiki. Link:

Find lyrics for your favorite song.

2) Oh Internet… formerly known as encyclopedia dramatica. Changed from the sarcastic point of view to a less cynical and more objective one.

3) I love wikipedia. Wikipedia is available in virtually all the spoken languages in the world, including some rare dialects! Wikipedia has also some projects under its shelter:

a. Wictionary. Dictionary.

b. Wikibooks. Open-content textbooks.

c. Wikiquotes. “Stupidity and universe are infinite, however I am not sure about the second” Albert Einstein. Find many other quotes as well!

And some others, you can find link on each project’s main page.

4) Lyriki. Yet another Lyric wiki page that anyone can edit.

5) Wikispaces. A wikia alternative. It doesnt seem to me as popular as wikia however.

Have fun… and a lot of reading! You have much to learn!