Save from the net…

Internet is so much grown up now and it probably has more to offer in the future. The last years we witnessed and still do the growth of companies offering hosting services for file and other media downloading and off course link sharing.

Some of them are strict when it comes to following their policies and illegal media, while others just… point their eyes in the wilderness and whistling with joy! Who cares… users will download what they want either way.

Although I do not encourage someone downloading something which is illegal, it may be useful for those who share things that ARE legal.

Among many download helpers that are found through extensions and/or add-ons for browsers there are also some web front-ends which help users get easily what they like. One of them is What it does is simply act, I would say, a download proxy. It gets the file for you, to you. You can use it to download youtube videos or files from bypassing all their limiting restrictions like rapidshare’s waiting interval or youtube strict policy for fundamental streaming content.

There are 3 ways according to to use their service:

1st way
Enter the URL-address in the input field at the top of the page and press Enter or click on the button to the right of the input field.

2nd way
Add “” or “” before the URL
example: and press Enter.

3rd way
Use short domain names:,,

4th way
Use bookmarklets or UserJS.

Opera users can also install the extension.

What I like with this thing is that it works with all browsers, even with mobile ones and it conveniently does the job for you.